T U R N   Y O U R   D R E A M S   I N T O   R E A L I T Y

What's Included

4500 sq foot space

Cheering the Bride

We are able to hold 200 guest!  This is a perfect space for your guest with plenty of room to spare for photo booths, sweets tables, memory tables along with anything you can think of to incorporate .  We are a stress free wedding venue! 

DJ Loft

DJ Mixer B&W

A  designated loft area is provided for your DJ of choice to setup. This allows the maximum space for you and your guest on the main floor.r



Dance Lights

Dance Floor

60 inch round tables with chairs included. Rectangular tables also available which make great gift tables, special bride and groom table, and so many more possibilities.

Our unique setup allows for the perfect dance space. We offer colorful lighting for when it is time for the dancing festivities to begin.

Vendors of  Your Choice

Mini Hamburgers

Enjoy the freedom of choosing your own caterers, dj,  and decorators for your big event!